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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Blogging delay.....

sorry for my lack of blogging.. i have been busy dealing with a family of sickies... the kids and I were sick a couple of weeks ago and then David came down with what we can only assume was the dreaded swine flu... blogging wasn't high on my list of priorities!!
I am slowly trying to get caught up!! Bear with me .... more pics to come!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Lily's Bday....

Dear Lily,

Today you are 2!! Hard to believe that it has already been 2 years since you made your "speedy" arrival into our family. Just like with Madi, we didn't know if you were going to be a boy or a girl, and when your daddy said you were a girl, I got super excited! I had wanted Madison to have a little sister, so she could have the same sort of relationship I have with my sisters. It has been so neat watching the two of you girls "interact" this year. You are starting to hold your own with her!! You love to follower her around ( even though she doesn't always like it!) and the two of you have even invented your own little games!! You both love to read, and many days I will find you both curled up in her bed reading books!

You welcomed a little brother this year, and that was a bit of a change for you! You went from being the baby, to the big sister! I love watching you "love on" your brother. Even though right now I can't leave you alone with him ( you just want to smother him with your kisses and hugs ) I can see the special relationship you are already making with him!

You are a tender hearted little girl, with a big smile and a big temper! You love with all your being and I love that about you.

I am proud to be your mama!

I love you my little bean

We celebrated Lily's birthday early because David was supposed to be working on her "actual" day ( but then he ended up with the flu and was home anyway... another post on that!) We were going to have friends over, but they all got the swine flu.. so it ended up just being us!! We had a fun day with our bean. We started with 'Auntie Becky Pancakes' ( what bday would be complete without those!) and went for a drive, opened presents, played and just enjoyed being together!

Lily opening gifts. She is BIG into In the Night Garden so alot of her gifts with appropriately themed!! She got the "Upsy Daisy" doll from Aunt Sarah!

She loves her Upsy Daisy

She was making her jump up and down off the box behind her. I don't think she realized that the thing behind her wasn't just a box, but a present. We kept trying to get her to open it but she would say "no" and keep bouncing the doll!!!

Playing with more In the Night Garden toys

Madi got a toy too ( she doesn't yet understand the whole "its only one persons birthday and they get the presents" thing!!)

Playing together

She finally took us at our word and opened the big one!! She got the Little People Garage and LOVES it!!!

Pointing out to Daddy that it makes noise!!

Showing Daddy another toy!!

Lily is also fascinated with Veggie Tales.. both our girls are. I decided to make her a Bob and Larry cake for her birthday. And this is the outcome. I was pretty proud of myself!!

She was trying to take the icing off!!

She needed a little help with the candles!!!

Saying "cheese" with a big mouth of cake!!!