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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Camera not working

Well.... i have some bad news.... our camera is broken... one of the pins that the memory card fits into is bent and so it had to be sent back to Canon and we will see what happens when they call to let us know what needs to be done. So needless to say.. there will be a very limited number of Madi pictures for awhile. We are hoping to have it back by christmas but they couldn't guarantee anything... but we will find something to use for christmas so we can't capture that for you all.... but I do have my photos still on the memory card that I can get downloaded from Walmart but it takes a LONG time at one of their machines so I need to wait till David isn't working! Well.. that is all from here..

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Madi's "scottish" dress

When we were in Revelstoke Mom and I decided to head down to Vernon to go shopping. Revelstoke is sort of small and doesn't have any good stores so about 2 hours away is Vernon that has all the big stores and that's where Mom and Dad do a lot of their shopping.. We always hit up Value Village and this day was no different. I really wasn't looking for much but I always check out the baby clothes cause you can sometimes find barely worn items for a good deal... and seeing as how quickly Madison is growing that is good... But this day I found this dress and it was so cute and had never been worn.. it still had the price tag on it. It was from a store called "Nippers" in Scotland. I figured since Madi's Aunt Sarah and Uncle Chris live there and she has a scottish cousin ( Ryan) that this dress made sense! It is so cute and so warm.. which is good living where we do! Posted by Picasa

Grandma and Madison

I LOVE these pictures... David's mom was her to visit and she had just given Madi the cute polar bear hat that she is wearing in this picture. We were headed out shopping and Madi started making the cutest faces... so of course.. photo op! She was so excited and waving and had the biggest smiles on her face! I just love them! Posted by Picasa

"I am not going to wear this shirt"

Madison decided one day that she had had enough of her shirt and managed to get one arm out before we caught her.... she looked so proud of herself... she even broke out a clap for herself! Posted by Picasa

Madi's cute hat

We got this cute hat as a "hand me down" when Madi was born and I am so excited that it finally fits.. it is so cute and because it has a chin strap she can't pull it off her head.... what a cute little girl! Posted by Picasa

Going... going...going...gone!

We stuck a hat on Madi's head to see what she would do with it... and lo and behold.. photo op!!! She pulled and pulled to get it off and then realized that if she had it over her head she could actually see through the holes at mama and daddy... so we played like that for a while until she wanted it off again! So.. pull and pull and ooooops... there it is.. she got it off! Posted by Picasa

Madi and her rings!

Uncle Andrew gave Madison these rings when she was born. I am sure you all recognize them for your childhood or at least from the church nursery!! She loves them... its only been in the last few months that she has really started to understand and play with her toys. She loves to look through the holes and you and make funny faces!! We stuck the rings onto her arms and then took pictures as she tried to take them off ( all in the name of a good picture eh!)... it was too cute! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Madi's faces!

Ok... you are probably thinking.. "what the heck is Madi doing????" Well.. she started doing this last month and it is really hard to catch it on camera cause she sees the camera and then stops! But she will put her lower lip over top of her top lip and stick her chin right out!! She looks like an old man with no teeth!! We don't really know what she is doing.. but we are thinking that she is blowing kisses!! She is such a cutie! Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 10, 2006

Madi and Grandma

As you all probably know David's mom ( Grandma) was here to visit last week. I had to go into work for a week so she came to help look after Madi.. It was so nice for Madi to be able to spend so much time with her Grandma. On the last morning here Grandma was giving Madison her bottle and David got this great picture. She was stretched out and all relaxed and playing with Grandma's fingers.... i think it is adorable! Posted by Picasa

Madi and her toys!

Here is a collage of Madi playing in and with her toy box... we need to get a bigger one... this kid has so many toys...it is great though... i hide some and then when i bring them out again... she thinks they are new!!! It is funny to watch her playing with them though cause a lot of them are little baby toys and she sort of sifts through them till she finds a "bigger" kid toy. We have some really cute new "bigger" kid toys for her for christmas and her birthday that we are excited to give to her and will post pics when that day comes! Posted by Picasa

Mama and Madi

I found these pj's that someone had given Madi and couldn't resist taking a picture of her in the whole giddup! It is 2 pieces and has the cutest hat (that did not stay on long) but I thought it was too cute! Posted by Picasa

Madi and her sippy cup!

Madison loves drinking out of her sippy cup. We had bought her her first one when we were in Blind River this summer ( she picked out a blue/red one) but in the past few months she has outgrown that one so we got her one for the next age group... ( someone is making a lot of money off of kids stuff !) In order to get the liquid out of this one she has to sort of bite the nipple and the milk will come out.. but Madi realized that it makes a funny nose when she bites it and then lets it go really quick.. probably feels funny on her teeth too!!! I just love the mischievous face! Posted by Picasa

Snow suit

Since we are officially staying in Yellowknife for at least another year we needed to go out and buy Madi a snowsuit so she can survive the frigid temperatures! ( let me say this before I continue.. it is 100 times easier to deal with winter garb when your baby still fits snugly in their little cozy bag that slips into the car seat... add one strong willed child plus a snowsuit to the mix and you are looking at 10 extra minutes of "get ready time" before heading out!!!) We weren't sure if we should get a full piece or a two piece ( i sound like i am talking about a bathing suit eh!) snowsuit but I found this cute one at the grocery store and couldn't resist. It is 2 pieces and is good for the days that we won't really be outside except for running from car to store... The jacket is 12 months but still extremely big on her.. but we have a lot of winter to go through!!! The mittens snap on and can't get lost but she gets annoyed with them cause she can't grab anything when she is wearing them and i won't even get started on trying to get her into the car seat with it on!! Picture this though... a child who doesn't particularily like being restrained by the carseat to begin with and then add in a bulky snowsuit...got the picture!!! Anyway...i still think it is so cute.... i 'll let you know how the snowpants work when we try them!!! Posted by Picasa

Madi's new shoes!

Well Madi has officially graduated from slippers to big girl shoes!!! How scary for me to realize how quickly she is growing up.. (side note: less than 2 months till she is 1....yikes..time sure does fly) Anyway.... a lady from David's work had given us a bunch of shoes that her daughter's had outgrown and the other day I decided to try them on thinking that they would be way to big... but lo and behold... they fit perfectly.. It is so funny to watch her try to walk (ie.. hold on to mom and dad's fingers and walk) with them on.. she is like a little soldier clip clopping down the hall!!! They are the cutest sneakers.. for the cutest baby! Posted by Picasa

New picture software

You all get to be my guinea pigs!! I have downloaded new picture software that lets me play around with my pictures and then directly add them to my blog... so this is the beginning of some new stuff for this blog... i made a collage of some of Madi's many faces and expressions... Hope you enjoy it! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 04, 2006


It was so nice and warm for most of the days that we were in BC that one day we decided to put a blankie out on the deck and sit out there for "happy hour" ( snacks and such before a later dinner!.....its an Eby thing!) Me and mom had found a fold out book that Madi just loves. She knows where all the fold out places are and can open them all herself. So she laid out on her blankie and "read" her book and had her only little "happy hour".

Stuck in small spaces

When we were at Mom and Dad's ( Nana and Papa's) Madi would find lots of entertainment crawling around under their big table. As you can see it is quite a big table with lots of chairs and lots for Madi to get stuck in... she had such a blast!

Salmon Run

I am not sure if you have ever heard of this ( I sure hadn't ) but I guess every year the salmon "run" back to where they were born to dump their eggs and die ( depressing eh?) but every 4 years there is a huge run and I was lucky enough to be at Mom and Dad's during the 4th year! We headed out to the highway ( we heard rumurs of a good viewing spot) but when we got to where we were going they had police there stopping people from parking... granted it was on the side of a VERY busy highway so I think they were probably justified in doing so.. but we just kept going up the road a while till we found a logging road and parked the car and decided to walk back. We hiked into the bush and then down under an overpass to where the water was (really interesting with a nine month old who didn't want to be held by anyone but her mama) There were huge weeds and bushes ( I had a moment of feeling like Moses's mom when she put him into the water!!)but we finally broke through and found a really smelly patch of water with lots of dead fish but also a bunch of live ones trying to swim upstream. Where we were there weren't a lot of rapids so we didn't get to see any jumping salmon ( like you see on TV) but it was still cool. I didn't realize that they were such ugly fish!!! And did you know that they only turn red when they are about to die??? Weird but a cool experience!


Madison loves sitting up in her highchair and eating ..well anything... but especially cheerios! A few weeks ago we caught her totally lounging as she ate them.. it was so cute the way that her feet were tucked up and she was leaning to one side....
We can sometimes get her to blink her eyes real slow at us.. she is really into copying... and this is one of those times.... sooooo cute!!!