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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Camera not working

Well.... i have some bad news.... our camera is broken... one of the pins that the memory card fits into is bent and so it had to be sent back to Canon and we will see what happens when they call to let us know what needs to be done. So needless to say.. there will be a very limited number of Madi pictures for awhile. We are hoping to have it back by christmas but they couldn't guarantee anything... but we will find something to use for christmas so we can't capture that for you all.... but I do have my photos still on the memory card that I can get downloaded from Walmart but it takes a LONG time at one of their machines so I need to wait till David isn't working! Well.. that is all from here..

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Koala Bear said...

That's too bad about your camera, I hope they get the problem fixed so that you'll get it back soon!