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Friday, November 10, 2006

Madi and her toys!

Here is a collage of Madi playing in and with her toy box... we need to get a bigger one... this kid has so many toys...it is great though... i hide some and then when i bring them out again... she thinks they are new!!! It is funny to watch her playing with them though cause a lot of them are little baby toys and she sort of sifts through them till she finds a "bigger" kid toy. We have some really cute new "bigger" kid toys for her for christmas and her birthday that we are excited to give to her and will post pics when that day comes! Posted by Picasa


Sheila said...

Love the collage of Miss Madi!! How did you do that? She is getting way more hair! (Good english, eh?)

grandma mobach said...

The collage is really neat Anne! Well done! It sure captures Madison so well! What a cutie that grandaughter of ours!
And I love that chin picture too!