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Saturday, November 04, 2006


It was so nice and warm for most of the days that we were in BC that one day we decided to put a blankie out on the deck and sit out there for "happy hour" ( snacks and such before a later dinner!.....its an Eby thing!) Me and mom had found a fold out book that Madi just loves. She knows where all the fold out places are and can open them all herself. So she laid out on her blankie and "read" her book and had her only little "happy hour".


Sheila said...

Wish I had been there for happy hour!!!!
She looks so cute on her own blankie having her own happy hour. Yummy cheerios!!!!
Missing you all, xoxoxo

Sam and Becky said...

I'm sitting here eating cookies, wishing I was louging with Madi on her blankie, reading that fun book!!! I love the picture of her really close to the camera...she's so cute!!!!
Miss you guys...
Love you so much!

Sarah, Chris 'n Ryan said...

What a smart cookie opening all the fold outs herself!! I can't believe how long Madison looks - she looks a lot longer than Ryan. I loved the lounging in the highchair, munching on cheerios, yummy. Can't find plain cheerios here, honeynut they have but not plain so no cheerios for Ryan just yet - apple rice cakes are his favouite snack.

Loo said...

that is such a cute picture!!!! she's so cute. i miss my little madi girl!!! miss you. and i am happy that you found a nice apartment. but i'm gonna be selfish and say i'll still really miss you! but you can bet your bottom dollar (haha) that i'll come and visit, k!!!
love ya

Jason & Erin said...

Hey Anne, David and Madi
I hope you guys are doing well. Madi is getting so big and she is so cute!
Life here is great. The wedding and the honeymoon were great. I've joined the married club now, I guess the parent club is next but we'll wait a bit for that one.
Love you guys