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Friday, November 10, 2006

Madi's new shoes!

Well Madi has officially graduated from slippers to big girl shoes!!! How scary for me to realize how quickly she is growing up.. (side note: less than 2 months till she is 1....yikes..time sure does fly) Anyway.... a lady from David's work had given us a bunch of shoes that her daughter's had outgrown and the other day I decided to try them on thinking that they would be way to big... but lo and behold... they fit perfectly.. It is so funny to watch her try to walk (ie.. hold on to mom and dad's fingers and walk) with them on.. she is like a little soldier clip clopping down the hall!!! They are the cutest sneakers.. for the cutest baby! Posted by Picasa

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Sheila said...

Oh, she looks so cute! So proud of her big girl shoes!!! She is one little sweetie!! xoxo