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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Madi's "scottish" dress

When we were in Revelstoke Mom and I decided to head down to Vernon to go shopping. Revelstoke is sort of small and doesn't have any good stores so about 2 hours away is Vernon that has all the big stores and that's where Mom and Dad do a lot of their shopping.. We always hit up Value Village and this day was no different. I really wasn't looking for much but I always check out the baby clothes cause you can sometimes find barely worn items for a good deal... and seeing as how quickly Madison is growing that is good... But this day I found this dress and it was so cute and had never been worn.. it still had the price tag on it. It was from a store called "Nippers" in Scotland. I figured since Madi's Aunt Sarah and Uncle Chris live there and she has a scottish cousin ( Ryan) that this dress made sense! It is so cute and so warm.. which is good living where we do! Posted by Picasa


Koala Bear said...

What a cutie! I love all the new pics you added to your blog, it's always fun to see the new things that Miss Madi is up to.

Theresa Birnie said...

Hi Anne!

Kathryn told me how to find your blog (from Erin's blog), and I just love seeing the pics of Madi. She is adorable! I love the video of her where she seems to have found her voice and is just babbling - so cute!

I'll have to check back often for your updates (you seem to do surprisingly well with keeping the blog up-to-date)

Anyway, I hope all is well in the Great White North...suddenly, I don't feel so north in Moosonee anymore!

See ya!

theresa said...

-- not that its surprising that YOU do well with it, but doesn't everyone seem to have the best of intentions and it never works out?

Loo said...

Hello my little niece-y poo. what a hottie you are in that scottish number.
aunti loo loves you oodles!

Sarah, Chris 'n Ryan said...

Yeah for Scotland!! Very cute dress, looks snuggly. Next time we get together we'll have to have Madi in her dress and Ryan in his kilt!
Love all the new photos and stories, she seems like quite the little monkey!!
Love Sarah, Chris and Ryn

Sheila said...

Hi Annie,David, and sweet sweet Madi,
Love the dress-that is so cute-is she walking now? hugs and kisses, Aunt Sheila