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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Madi's faces!

Ok... you are probably thinking.. "what the heck is Madi doing????" Well.. she started doing this last month and it is really hard to catch it on camera cause she sees the camera and then stops! But she will put her lower lip over top of her top lip and stick her chin right out!! She looks like an old man with no teeth!! We don't really know what she is doing.. but we are thinking that she is blowing kisses!! She is such a cutie! Posted by Picasa


Loo said...

what a hot old man you gave birth to!! hahah!!

Sarah, Chris 'n Ryan said...

Ryan does a very similar face to this - so funny. I don't think we've been able to capture it on camera yet.
Congrats on the new place we were so happy for you when we read the news!!

Sam and Becky said...

I love it...I remember you mentioning that face before...it's cute to see.
She's gonna be a smokin' old lady...when she gets there!
Love ya,