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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Dutch Plates

Mom and Dad Mobach got us these awesome plates from Holland for our kids. I remember when I was dating David seeing his hanging in their dining room and think how neat it was. They are hand painted and in the plate there are our kids, names, birthdates, weights and time of birth. They are so neat!

Madison's plate

Lily's plate

Caleb's plate

All three hung up on our wall

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Ingram Trail

During the month that David was gone on course, he was able to come home for 2 weekends. It was so beautiful and sunny on the saturday we decided to head out the Ingram Trail and see where the trucks first catch the Ice Road. Even though we have lived here for 6 1/2 years we have never driven all the way out to the end and thought this would be a good opportunity!! So camera, snowsuits, snacks, drinks etc. etc. etc. in hand we headed out!!!

Just off the road where the Ice Road starts. You can see the truck headed out (upper left corner of photo) and how the water isn't totally frozen over.... it was crazy! Those trucks are so heavy.... it was neat to see!!

Madi dressed herself this day... and YES!! she is wearing tights, shorts and a sweatshirt!! She is adorable!!

My Madi girl!

Self portrait of me and my girl!!

Madi wanted to take a picture of me.... and this was the outcome!

We headed back up the road again and parked at the Cameron Falls campsite... snowsuited up and let the kids out to play!!

Lily kept getting frustrated that she couldn't walk around in the snow easily. She is still a little bit tiny to walk in the deep snow... but she eventually got a hand of it and had a good time!

See.... she is happy!!

LOVE this picture of Madison!

She was SO tuckered out after playing in the snow. She walked and walked and walked!! It was so fun!

This is how Lily spent most of her time! Falling down.. or crying to get picked up!!

I even put Caleb in his snowsuit and set him out for a few pictures.. he wasn't really interested in it.. he only wanted to eat the snowsuit!

I love this one.. Caleb is totally looking like he is thinking "get me out of here...I don't trust Beanie"!!! And I think he had good reason for that... I am pretty sure she shoved him out of her lap right after this picture!! Good thing he is sturdy!!

She stood there like that while I went to get the camera to take her picture. She was so annoyed that I wouldn't just pull her... Lazy little bean!!

See... she was lazy!!

Madi and Caleb.... she is such a great big sister!!

Only shot all day of the three of them.... at least it was a semi good one!!

David with his boy!!! ... see.... he is trying to eat his snowsuit!


Me and my Caleb!!

Don't you wish you could know what they were thinking about.... such a cute picture of two sisters!

Madi building her snowman from snow chunks... we don't often get good packing snow.. so she made her snowman out of chunks the snowplow left behind!

During the beginning of 2010 I got some great shots of the girls!!

Lily modeling her new sweatshirt! David got the girls sweaters from his work.. I think they could totally use this picture as advertising and sell more tickets cause of it!!

When Mom and Dad Mobach were here they brought the girls some new toys and new clothes. Here Lily is playing with her new Handy Manny playset and modeling her new outfit!! I love it!

Fish faced Beanie!

Beautiful girl

Isn't she pretty!

Madi had her hands in her pockets and then Lily realized what her big sister was doing and wanted to be the same! She walked around with her hands in her pockets for a good 10 mins!!

My girls!!

Friday, May 07, 2010

Ice Road with Auntie Becky

When Becky was visiting David was able to come home for the weekend! We decided to take a quick drive out to one of the ice roads around Yellowknife, so that Becky could experience it for the first time!! We had a blast.. although it was bitterly cold!! We saw people kite skiing ( its exactly what it sounds like.. you strap yourself to a kite and ski away!) and lots of tourists out taking pictures!! Becky even went for a little run on the ice road, just to say she did!!

Me and Becky on the ice road... she wore David's big Canada Goose coat and was STILL cold!!

Our family minus Caleb.. he was in the car... it was WAY to cold to bring him out!

Auntie Becky, Madi, David and Lily...
although it might look like Lily is crying, she really is laughing!!

My Beanie!

she was saying.. "mama.. no more pictures.. i am cold and want to go back in the car"!!!

Becky and the ice road

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Pedicures with Auntie Becky

When David was away for is month long course in Edmonton, Auntie Becky ( my sister!) came to visit us for a week! It was a BLAST!! She was such a super big help with the kids ( hauling 3 kids around on your own, in the middle of winter is not fun!) and it was fun to hang out just the two of us!
She had brought some bright red nail polish and one afternoon decided to give the girls manicures and pedicures!! Madi understands the concept of "waiting till they are dry to touch"... .Lily.. Not so much!!

Fingers and toes ( or finger toes, as Madi calls them!!) all beautiful

Blowing on her toes! She thought this was hilarious!

"I will take this color"!!!

Love this picture of Bean... so funny!

Madi's finger nails!

Auntie Becky painting away!!

Little toes... so much fun!!

Of course.. as every women knows... it does tickle a bit to have someone else do your toes!!

So tickly!!