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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Pedicures with Auntie Becky

When David was away for is month long course in Edmonton, Auntie Becky ( my sister!) came to visit us for a week! It was a BLAST!! She was such a super big help with the kids ( hauling 3 kids around on your own, in the middle of winter is not fun!) and it was fun to hang out just the two of us!
She had brought some bright red nail polish and one afternoon decided to give the girls manicures and pedicures!! Madi understands the concept of "waiting till they are dry to touch"... .Lily.. Not so much!!

Fingers and toes ( or finger toes, as Madi calls them!!) all beautiful

Blowing on her toes! She thought this was hilarious!

"I will take this color"!!!

Love this picture of Bean... so funny!

Madi's finger nails!

Auntie Becky painting away!!

Little toes... so much fun!!

Of course.. as every women knows... it does tickle a bit to have someone else do your toes!!

So tickly!!

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