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Wednesday, May 05, 2010


We had an awesome Christmas together as a family. We were planning on driving out to Revelstoke, but with the weather and some other small issues we decided it was best to stay in Yellowknife. It was hard to not be near family but we still had an awesome time together. We headed to our Christmas eve service and then when we got home the girls got to open up their one present ( always pj's!) and then off to bed to wait for Santa to arrive! We had some friends over that night for some munchies and socializing and all in all it was a super fun night!

Opening their Christmas eve Pj's!

Madi and Lily seeing the tree for the first time!

Opening Oma's Christmas gift.. so cute!

We relaxed Christmas morning and took our time opening gifts.... eating cinnamon buns.. and drinkin DELISH Highlander Grog coffee ( seriously people.. best in the world!)

Caleb with one of the gifts that he got.. he had the whole leg in his mouth and was just chewing on it like crazy!!

Opening a present...

Opening gifts from her stocking... she would have been happy with just one.. she didn't quite get the concept that they were all for her and she had to open them all...

Super excited about something she got!

Daddy helping Madi put together her present from Santa... it was a Handy Manny playset and she LOVED it!

David ( I know.. you could hardly tell couldn't ya!) with one of the gifts I got for him.


They each had their own "box" to put their stuff in ( you can see it behind them..) they sat like this for quite awhile just enjoying their new toys!

Checking out the new coloring books that were in their stockings..

We were invited over to our good friends house for Christmas dinner. We divided up the cooking so neither of us was overwhelmed and we had a blast together. The kids played, we talked, ate WAY to much and all in all had a great time!

My girls with their little buddy!

Lily got a doll set that had 2 bottles in it.. here she and Madi are trying to feed my friends little guy the "fake" food... so funny!

I love this picture of Madi.. she is so super happy about her gift!

Lily opening her gift.. the softest, warmest, bestest jogging pants ever.. she ( and I ) love them!

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