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Friday, May 07, 2010

Ice Road with Auntie Becky

When Becky was visiting David was able to come home for the weekend! We decided to take a quick drive out to one of the ice roads around Yellowknife, so that Becky could experience it for the first time!! We had a blast.. although it was bitterly cold!! We saw people kite skiing ( its exactly what it sounds like.. you strap yourself to a kite and ski away!) and lots of tourists out taking pictures!! Becky even went for a little run on the ice road, just to say she did!!

Me and Becky on the ice road... she wore David's big Canada Goose coat and was STILL cold!!

Our family minus Caleb.. he was in the car... it was WAY to cold to bring him out!

Auntie Becky, Madi, David and Lily...
although it might look like Lily is crying, she really is laughing!!

My Beanie!

she was saying.. "mama.. no more pictures.. i am cold and want to go back in the car"!!!

Becky and the ice road

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