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Saturday, May 08, 2010

During the beginning of 2010 I got some great shots of the girls!!

Lily modeling her new sweatshirt! David got the girls sweaters from his work.. I think they could totally use this picture as advertising and sell more tickets cause of it!!

When Mom and Dad Mobach were here they brought the girls some new toys and new clothes. Here Lily is playing with her new Handy Manny playset and modeling her new outfit!! I love it!

Fish faced Beanie!

Beautiful girl

Isn't she pretty!

Madi had her hands in her pockets and then Lily realized what her big sister was doing and wanted to be the same! She walked around with her hands in her pockets for a good 10 mins!!

My girls!!

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Anonymous said...

Finely, I came downstairs to see
your lovely family.
This iceroad andf your walk in the
deep snow makes for neat pictures!