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Monday, August 31, 2009

just something to tide you over...

I am not able to upload any of my pictures to my parents computer so I am going to have to wait till i get home to give you a 'REAL' update on our life!! We are having a blast here in BC and enjoying really warm temperatures. The girls are outside every day right after breakfast and play out there till supper time ( with water, bathroom and nap breaks of course!)and Caleb is doing great! He is sleeping almost through the night, we are up once to feed and then right back down... couldn't ask for a better baby!

We were able to visit with some friends of my moms out at their cottage and she sent me some pictures she had taken so I thought that I would share them with you all, to tide you over till I can get home!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Do you see the similarities?!

a really cool song

Friday, August 14, 2009

Lily's vocabulary.....

(I know its not the best picture.... but its my bean to a T)

It seems to have taken Lily a lot longer to "talk" that Madi ever did. She still doesn't say much but we are starting to catch on that some of the "noises" she makes are infact words... here are just a few for your listening pleasure!!


says: hiss
means: yes

says: mimi
means: madi

says: iye
means: lily

says: nen
means: again

says: ba
means: ball, bob, larry ( a whole plethora of meanings!)

That's about it for now. She does say other things like no,mama,dada,nana,papa,baby but we can tell what those mean!!
She certainly keeps us on out toes!!!

More from Grandma's visit............

We were so lucky to have Grandma (David's mom) come up to Yellowknife for 2 weeks a couple of days after my parents left. We hadn't seen her since November so it was great to see her in person!! Madi remembers her but Lily didn't really but quickly warmed up to her! David didn't have to work for the whole 2 weeks his mom was here so we were able to do lots of stuff all together and I was able to catch a nap almost everyday ( THANKYOU MOM FOR THAT! )

My 3 little monkeys!
Madi ADORES Caleb.. whenever she sees him she says " he is so cute Mama.. he is looking at me"... Lily on the other hand wants to smother him in kisses... literally!!

Isn't she beautiful?
Playing at the park. I have notice in the last few months how grown up my "little" girl is.. she can do everything on the creative at the park. I remember when I had to lift her up to the slide and now she can climb up the scary looking rope ladder all by herself... she is growing too fast.....

A new park we found in old town that has the best sand of any of the parks. And it is loaded with sand toys.. the girls LOVE it!

I love the face!! She had just woken up and was hanging out with Daddy...

Daddy is quickly running out of lap space for story time!

At the beach, it was a cold windy day... can you tell by the little northern girl huddled under her towel!!

I swear Lily can not feel the cold! The water was frigid, the wind was blowing and this little bean was all over the beach!! I was wearing a sweater and she was acting like she was on a beach in Hawaii.... aaahhh... beach in Hawaii.... so warm!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Family photos in the park...

The day before Grandma left we headed to the park to take some pictures. They weather held off long enough for us to get quite a few good ones!! Enjoy the "fruits" of that photo shoot!!!

First family photo with 5 of us!!!

Lily was not into taking pictures. All she wanted to do was throw stones ( she has quite the arm!) but yet she sat there for the photos.. no way she was going to smile... but she stayed there!

David was watching a plane fly over.. but I LOVE the way this one turned out, how he isn't looking directly at the camera.... my men!!

I love this outfit!! Love the monkey butt!!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Caleb's first photo shoot....

Here are some of my favourite shots from Caleb's first photo shoot the other day!!!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The last 2 weeks......

These last 2 weeks have been jammed packed with lots of fun adventures! We said hello to Caleb on July 23, goodbye to Nina and Papa July 26, and hello to Grandma on July 29!! We have been filling our days with lots of playing, walks, park runs, garage saleing, shopping, beach time etc etc etc! Its been a blast

Madi at the beach, it was only 17 degrees and cold but we still managed to have fun!

My little duck

Caleb's first trip to the beach, slept the whole time in the sling!

He LOVES his bath!

Our bean!!

Playing with her dolls

Grandma with her girls

Lily kept trying to sit on this rock but it was too high for her, so her butt just kept hitting it and she would say "uufff"... and try again!!

At the park

Checking out the flowers with Grandma

Grandma holding Caleb for the first time

Our little guy