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Friday, August 14, 2009

Lily's vocabulary.....

(I know its not the best picture.... but its my bean to a T)

It seems to have taken Lily a lot longer to "talk" that Madi ever did. She still doesn't say much but we are starting to catch on that some of the "noises" she makes are infact words... here are just a few for your listening pleasure!!


says: hiss
means: yes

says: mimi
means: madi

says: iye
means: lily

says: nen
means: again

says: ba
means: ball, bob, larry ( a whole plethora of meanings!)

That's about it for now. She does say other things like no,mama,dada,nana,papa,baby but we can tell what those mean!!
She certainly keeps us on out toes!!!

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wenderella said...

Caleb (my Caleb) is just a little younger than Lily and has been saying something that sounds like "cookie" (or really actually "ookie") for a while and I just figured out that he doesn't mean cookie at all...he's been saying "booky"...and wants to read, not eat. And "up" means "pick me up", "put me down" and "I want to steal your dinner" :)