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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Family photos in the park...

The day before Grandma left we headed to the park to take some pictures. They weather held off long enough for us to get quite a few good ones!! Enjoy the "fruits" of that photo shoot!!!

First family photo with 5 of us!!!

Lily was not into taking pictures. All she wanted to do was throw stones ( she has quite the arm!) but yet she sat there for the photos.. no way she was going to smile... but she stayed there!

David was watching a plane fly over.. but I LOVE the way this one turned out, how he isn't looking directly at the camera.... my men!!

I love this outfit!! Love the monkey butt!!

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Anonymous said...

He...I finally made it down to see and enjoy all the new pictures.
You are the proud mother and father of three beautiful children.
It is so neat to see all three baby
pictures beside each other!
Some how I find them not looking the same at all. They each have a
different personality, of course....The Lord does not create
two of the same. Each one is special. But they are a cute lot!
Lots of love from OMA.