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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Christmas photo shoot....

About 2 weeks before Christmas I decided to have a mini photoshoot with the kids! It was loads of fun! Madi LOVES to pose and well.. Lily will do anything if the reward is Smarties!! Here are some of my favs!

I absolutely LOVE this one.. Lily was so mad at me for not giving her "enough" smarties that she just scowled for about 5 frames!!

Not sure what is happening here.. but this sums up my children for sure... Lily trying to get away.. Madi smiling like a pretty little princess... and Caleb distracted by the birds outside the window!!

Madi showing off the christmas tree barrettes I made her and Lily

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

MY neck has a kink in it from looking up ! at all these lovely pictures. Ann, you outdid yourself with the fotoshoot.
Real cute, and nice remarks about
the goings on. Thanks for all the work that goes into all this.
That was enough for today.Love OMA.