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Saturday, April 24, 2010

christmas cookies....

So for that reason I am going to be going back a few months and doing my "christmas" posts. I use this blog as a sort of "diary/journal" for our family and can't leave christmas out!! I am hoping to be caught up this week sometime.... fingers crossed!

Gingerbread House....

i "cheaped" out this year and bought a gingerbread kit instead of making my own.. i wasn't exactly sure how it was going to go... so thought buying one would be better... Madi LOVED IT.... Lily... well... she just wanted to eat the candies!!

Sampling the cookies.. they were actually pretty good for a kit!!

All Bean wanted to do was eat the candy and icing!!

Love this pic of Madi....

Yummy cookie goodness!!

Lily... "helping" to decorate..

Madi was a "super" decorator..

Sugar Cookies...
we also attempted some sugar cookies!! i think as a mother of 2 little girls you need to be ok with a batch of "kid" cookies and a batch of "nice" cookies!! They had a fun time.. but they didn't look all that appetizing... although from the amount they ate that obviously wasn't true!!

rolling out the dough...

Beanie with flour on her nose!!!

So excited to get started

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