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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Madi Mama and Auntie Lou

I love this picture of me and Lor and Madison. It is taken on Mom and Dad's stairs in the new house ( yeah for the new house!). Madi had just woken up.... she was all cuddly and cute ( this is the night that she threw up for the first time ... that was an adventure.. i'll write more later!)


Sheila said...

Ahhhh my beautiful nieces!!!!! I love you tons. You look so good!!
And Madi looks so cuddly cute! Aunt Sheila x0x0x0x
How was the clean up?

Koala Bear said...

I love all the new pics and video clips you put up! Madi is such a cutie and growing bigger every time I see her.

Loo said...

where's the pic? i need that pic. i never got it!!! and i didn't get the pic of me and madi either. can you send it to me??!!!
love you!!

Loo said...

haha. i'm an idiot. it just took a few seconds to download. it was there.
ignore the previous comment. tee hee