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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Madi is crawling.....well sort of!

Well... Madi has finally done it!! Shown some desire to move forward not just push herself backwards. She was playing on the floor last week while I was typing up some emails and I turned to look at her and notice she was not where I had put her down.. which is normal.. she pushes herself backwards all the time but instead of being farther away from me...lo and behold she was closer to me!!! And she was reaching out trying to get a plastic cup and and M&M's Meatshop box that I had put on the floor to tempt her. Never did I think that would be what finally tempted her.. we have tried everything... the phone, remotes ( why are kids so drawn to these things??.. she will lunge herself off of your lap to try and reach them.. hold on tight!) So anyway.. back to the story!!! She wanted that cup and box so badly.... she was stretching out to get them... so I got down on the floor and started tempting her even more with them... "come and get the cup Madi.. you can do it.. get the box!!" and whata you know.. she started army crawling forward.. i just about screamed out loud...She looks so cute when she crawls.. she looks like a little inch worm!!! Her arms go out and then her butt comes up and then her legs go out.. we tried to capture it in pictures.. which was a bit hard... but you can get the gist of it! I am going to take some video when i go to mom and dad's ( this thursday oct 5) and will try to put it on soon!! Enjoy! I want my olivia book!!

Inch worm crawl!!!

Almost got it!


Koala Bear said...

Way to go, Madi!! Hope you have fun on your holidays.

Sheila said...

Ahhhh!! That is so cute!! She is getting so big, Anne! Hard to believe she will be one soon. Have fun in the Stoke-love you lots, Aunt Sheila xoxoxoxox

Sam and Becky said...

I can't believe how adorable the inch-worm crawl is...wish I could see it in real life...can't wait for the video!!
I love you all!!
Keep crawling, Madi-girl!
Aunt Becky