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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Family Update.... we need prayer

Here is the story.....
On thursday we received notice from our landlords that they were terminating our lease agreement because they need more space for their growing family. This came as quite a shock to us.... we feel like we've been hit by a transport truck.....
Right away we started calling places in the phone book and got the paper and called the one place that was listed there... but there is nothing to be found in this city. There is one company that owns about 90% of the buildings in town and they don't even have a one bedroom apartment available ( but there is no way we would fit in a one bedroom) Our landlords parents own a 4plex and they let us look at one and even offered to lower the rent by 100 dollars which was very generous but unfortunately we would still have to cover all utilities which means oil for the heat and that is so expensive here ( you can spend upwards of 300 dollars a month in the winter in just an apartment) so that place is out.
We are just at a loss as to what to do because these next few months are very busy for us and trying to fit in a move is going to be overwhelming.
We know that God has it figured out but we are waiting for him to reveal his plans to us.. please keep us in your thoughts and prayers and if anyone knows of anyone in yellowknife looking to rent an apartment.. please let us know!!


Grandma Beth said...

Dear Anne,David & Madison,
We most certainly will pray for you and your situation.
Have seen God answer some impossible prayers. He knows the place He has for you and He will not fail you.
We love you so much but God loves you three in Yellowknife more than we ever can.
Grandma & Grandpa

Sarah, Chris 'n Ryan said...

Just wanted to let you know we were praying for a great new place to find you and for patience while God works out His plan.
Love Sarah

Sheila said...

Hi guys,
We love you very much!! You are very much in our thoughts. UJ and I will call you tonight!!!! Give Madi a big kiss and well...a hug for David!! Hugs and kisses for you my Annie. xoxoxoxoxo