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Friday, September 22, 2006

Last set of family pictures!

Madison has turned into such a "daddy's girl".. it is too cute.. She copies him all the time and is constantly looking around for him. He has a special whistle that he uses when he comes home from work and she just goes crazy until he comes down the stairs and she can see him!!!

I love this picture! Madison loves "flying" and will just kick and kick her feet when she is up in the air.. you have to make sure that you have her a bit away from you or you can get wacked in the face!

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Sheila said...

Hi guys,
I love the pics. Especially of Madi flying in the air with David. Miss you guys and love you very much. Auntie Sheila
PS did you check out my blog?
I don't think I have your correct email because it always gets bounced back to me. Let me know, Ok? xoxoxoxox