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Monday, September 04, 2006

45 weeks pregnant!

Ok ok... we all know that I wasn't pregnant for the actual 45 weeks that this cake implies.... so let me explain myself. I had a wonderful team of doctors when I was pregnant but one of them always seemed to measure me way bigger than the actual weeks that I was.... it got to be quite humorous. I would leave work for my dr's appointment and my workmates would have bets riding on how many weeks she was going to measure me at!!! I left work when I was 38 weeks pregnant but I was measuring ( by the dr.'s measurements) 45 weeks. So the girls at work got me a goodbye cake with that written in icing. It was quite funny but really sweet of them as well...
side note: As it turns out the doctor was way off on her measuring. She sent me for an extra ultrasound at 38 weeks just to make sure Madi really wasn't super huge cause she was measuring 45 weeks but the ultrasound showed that indeed she was only 38 weeks and right on track... had she not been born 2 weeks late she would have been a nice average 8 lbs... but 2 weeks late equals one extra pound equals a beautiful Madison!!!

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