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Friday, September 22, 2006

Family Pictures

I know that I emailed a lot of you earlier this week and told you all to check out our family pics on our blog but then never put them on! Well for some reason the blog wasn't letting me put my pictures on, so I had to make them smaller. But if you click on the pictures they should open up bigger!!! We decided to go out into the bush last weekend to take some family pictures cause we haven't done that since Madi was first born... crazy how time flies!!! The leaves have already changed color so we figured it would look nice in the background. For those of you who don't know.. the only color we get up here is yellow and dead looking!!
I love this picture!! Madi with her tongue out. I am sure David was probably sticking his tongue out at her too... she loves to copy him!
I was introducing Madi to a branch in this picture. She loved being outside and looking at the rocks and the trees and especially this stick. When I let her hold it she promptly stuck it into the mouth.. (of course.. what was I thinking... she sticks everything in her mouth!!)

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Koala Bear said...

I love the pics, especially the one with Madi sticking her tongue out, so cute!!