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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Fun with toys

I catch Madi with the cutest faces when she is playing with her toys. Here is a book that she picked out herself at the store. It is all soft and has a baby on a cord that you play with while you read the book. She loves it.. there are so many textures and it plays music. She has even figured out how to push the button to make it sing!
Uncle Nathan gave Madison a Carebear that is dressed like a lady bug. Her favourite part of the bear is the antennas... she loves chewing on them. This kid loves anything that can fit in her mouth... we have to keep an eye on her!!
Another day... another toy stuck in the mouth!!!
Here she is laughing at me as I kept poking my head out from behind the camera.. she was laughing so hard she forgot to suck on the antenna!!! ( but only for a few short seconds!)

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Sam and Becky said...

Hi Anne...
Great job on the blog...I love all the pictures! She's getting so big so fast! The faces she makes when she's playing are adorable! Wish I was there to pick her up and giver her a big hug.
Love you all.