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Friday, August 18, 2006

Aunt Becky and Uncle Sam

As most of you know Madison's Aunt Becky and Uncle Sam are in South Korea. They are there for the next year teaching english in Osan City, which is about 2 hours from Seoul. It is really hard to have them so far away especially with Madi being so small. We talk about them all the time so that she can hear about them and maybe even learn their names before they come home!! These pictures where taken the last time we saw Aunt Becky and Uncle Sam in May. Mom and Dad ( Nana and Popa) had a swing in their backyard which Madison loved swinging on and she had a blast swinging with Aunt Becky. The other picture is taken of Becky and Sam at Mom and Dad's 50th Hawaiian Luau Birthday Party. They are such great people and greatly missed. They have a blog at www.joneskoreanadventure.blogspot.com if anyone wants to check it out. It is a really neat page they have created that shares their adventures with friends and family!

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Sam and Becky said...

I can't believe we made the blog!! I feel famous! Your "musings on being a Mom" almost made me cry! Seriously! Thanks for all the pics...love seeing Madi-girl and you and David!!
Miss you...love you!!!