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Monday, May 11, 2009

Just a cute pic

Madi and Lily both love their bath.... Madi is getting to the age where having to share the bath is getting to be more annoying then fun but for the most part they are good! Madi loves it when David is home to help me give them baths cause then she gets to have one by herself with "lots of water". The other night David was playing with Lily and Madi wanted me to watch her in the tub, and she said she wanted to learn how to put her head under water. After a couple of tries she got it down pretty good! I was very proud of her!

Lily is not as big of a fan of water on her face... but she enjoys playing with the toys! We took this picture during a bath with a ton of bubbles and you can tell by her face she wasn't having any of it.. I think she was more annoyed with not being able to see her toys, then with the bubbles on her head!! But it made for a cute picture!

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