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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another picnic in paradise....

We decided spur of the moment yesterday ( around 11 ish) to head out on a picnic back to where we had used the "stinky toilets" ( see older post about our last picnic excursion) and see if the snow had melted enough to use the picnic tables there. It is about 1hr outside of Yellowknife. Its the perfect spot. Far enough away that its not crowded ( 3 cars pulled in to use the bathrooms during the 2 hours we were there) but not to far that you go stir crazy in the car to get there! This time the snow had melted enough that we were able to sit at a picnic table and the ground wasn't too slushy!! The girls both had a great time throwing rocks at the "water" ( still ice!) and digging through the brush for sticks to throw on the fire. Lily was slightly unsure of everything but if you were holding her hand than she was fine. She is still getting used to the whole walking thing, and it was a big step for her!! Outside with shoes and uneven ground!

We saw a herd of buffalo and there were even babies.. I had never seen babies before! They looked just like cows, which shouldn't suprise me cause I think they are from the same family?!

Our family shot.
Not the best, it was shot on a timer out the back of our car, but it works!

Me and my bean!!

Child labor

.... this is how we get rid of the ice/snow on the lakes.. all the little "tundra kids" have to shovel it off!!

No just kidding!!

David had used the shovel to put some snow on to put out the fire and of course Madi needed to try it too.. she shovelled for about 20 mins and then passed out in the car... and if you know Madi.. that is surprising!!

I love this picture... jumping in water puddles in rain boots surrounded by snow!!
Quite the contrasts!

If you click to make this picture bigger, you will see how excited Lily is!!!
She was so cute!

Proof that I was there!

What kid doesn't love playing in yucky water with sticks!!

Daddy teaching Lily how to throw rocks.
David said she throws like a girl.. but hey.. she is a girl!!

Me and my Madison!

Madi throwing rocks at the "water"!!!

"Eating" ( ie. shoving) her food!!

Our picnic lunch...

Lily thought that the rocks were for eating!!!
We "gently" reminded her that we throw rocks.. not eat them!!

Playing in the sand

I think this is my favourite picture of the day.... just love it!

Ok.. maybe this is my favourite!!..
I love how David is holding Lily's hand, and Lily is holding Madi's hand!!
Too cute...

"Helping" to move some sticks!!
This was right before she accidentaly almost ran right into Lily's head with the stick..
That put an end to the "helping"!

David even found enough dry wood to build us a little fire..
Madi thought it was great.

Waiting for lunch!

Running through nature!!

My precious Lily Christine Joy!

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Anonymous said...

Great pics! Love them all! Such cute grandkids we have in Yellowknife!
Love Grandma