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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Visit with Aunt J (Part 2)

Madi had a great time visiting in Aunt J's room. She discovered that the closet doors were made of mirror and had a blast "visiting" with the other little girl looking back at her!
Aunt J had pulled out some toys from when her boys were young and had them out for Madison to play with. She loved this particular one. She actually did a pretty good job of getting them all in the right holes.. but shes a super smart kid!
Madison began the afternoon by slowly opening the closet door and then closing it.. then she'd open it a bit more...then close it.. then she worked up the courage to actually step into the closet and touch Aunt J's clothes!
David, Madi and I looking at pictures with Aunt J! We had a super visit and can't wait till next summer at Mark and Nicole's wedding!!
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