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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Visit with Aunt J

When we were in Ontario we were able to drive to Fonthill ( near Niagra Falls) and visit with David's Aunt Jacqueline. We haven't seen her since our wedding so it was really great to catch up and introduce her to our daughter! She had a great time walking around Aunt J's beautiful garden and playing with Mark ( who by the way she kept calling Andrew... they are some similarities there!)
Aunt J and Dad (Bernard) sharing a good laugh!
Walking around the garden with Grandma..she loved this. The patio is all different levels so going around and up and down the stairs just fascinated Madi!
Just a really cute pic!

Playing with Mark. Madi would put a piece of a toy on his head and then one on hers and they would both shake it off at the same time. She got quite the kick out of that!
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Anonymous said...

Hey I finally got on the comment page. Usually I can not get on it. I love all the pics you chose and I really like the black and white one. She is beautiful!!!
Love from Grandma