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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Madi and her piano

Madison got this piano as "hand me down" from a family at my mom and dad's church. She loves it!!! The legs come off so when she was little I would just lay the keys by her head , cause they light up and you could set them to run through about 6 songs on repeat! She would just stare at the keys as they lite up.... then as she got older she would stand between our legs and smash the keys to hear the music.. well now she is big enough to hold herself up to play her beautiful music! We have to make sure its up against something or she tries to push it across the room while standing up.. which isn't a problem now ( she is so close to walking!!) but when these pictures where taken she wasn't quite there yet... a lot of face plants into the keys! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

These are so cute!!!! She looks way to grown up. And singing too! Must take after Papa or Grandpa! I just love the looks on her face.
Lessons muct be coming soon!
Love Grandma

Loo said...

i love the one of her singing!! haha. she's so cute! next Canadian Idol??

Anonymous said...

I have found you at the library. If Grandma Rowan was here she would be so pleased to see that Madison is soooo musical.
Love you lots,
Grandma Eby