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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Madi and her milk

Well... since Madison is now no longer a baby.. but a toddler ( yikes!) she is off the formula and onto regular milk. I still had a few cans to finish up, so tonite we went and bought our first jug of Homo Milk for her. Needless to say.. is it ever great spending 5.oo instead of 20 dollars!!! We will see how she likes it. She has a bit of a cold the last few days and can't really drink or eat cause she is stuffed up and can't breathe through her nose... so it might be a few days till we can test it out!!! Posted by Picasa


Grandma said...

that cute little Madison - my favorite grandaughter (good thing I only have one!!) Hope she is feeling better soon!!!!

Loo said...

love the outfit anne! good color combo. what a little model! if there were an america's next top model for kids, she'd win...hands down!
love you