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Sunday, January 07, 2007

2 of 3 out sick

Well.. Madison and I are both sick as dogs.... and of course its during David's week on! He was kind enough ( I have the best husband ever!) to come home from work early yesterday so that I could have a break and rest. Both Madi and I have colds...she is almost over hers... just a running nose and some coughing in the morning.. but generally a happy kid... I on the other hand feel horrible.. all achy and hot then cold and coughing.. and I can't tell you how many kleenex I have gone through!!! But that is why there are no new pics to send or no new stories to tell.... as soon as there is some semblance of health we will be back!!! Madi just went down so I am going to crawl into my bed with my heating pad on my neck and catch a few winks before I have to turn over and blow my nose again... so NOT fun!


Koala Bear said...

That would explain why you weren't in church today....there are a lot of people sick with colds these days, Becky is just getting over the sniffles too, just has a bit of a runny nose but nothing too bad. Hope you will feel better soon!!!

mom said...

Hey there Annablle.
So sorry you are sick....I hope that you are feeling better soon!
So glad Madi is getting better.
You need some nice WARM weather! So Revelstoke is NOT the place right now..but in March the flowers will be out!
love ya