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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Fun in the snow..

Last week when the weather hit a balmy -16 celsius we decided that it was such a 'warm' day that we would bundle up the girls and take them for a walk to a nearby hill. The city has blocked off some of the streets and just piled a bunch of snow on the rocks there and created quite the hill. David had taken Madi there the other week but I hadn't had a chance to see her yet. Boy was it STEEP.... but she loved it.. I think she may be a lover of roller coasters when she is bigger.. she loved the rush!
Its hard to tell but I swear she is going like 50 miles an hour right for me!

Right into the 'soft snow' at the bottom. This is what our snow looks like for the majority of the winter. Hard packed and essentially ice!

If you click and make the picture bigger you can see by looking at her eyes how excited she is!!

Same with Lily. Click and make the picture bigger and you will see her eyes just beaming as she watched her sister hurtle down the hill!

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