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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Long rough week.....and not out of the woods yet....

this has been a really long and tiring week for us. Here is a time line for you all!!

sat (mar 21)- Lily woke up with a cough/snotty nose
sun (mar 22)- Lily woke up coughing so much she threw up a little
mon(mar 23)- Madi woke up around 12:30 am not able to breathe. David rushed her to the ER, they were not able to find anything wrong with her and figured it was because of the cold air outside helping her to breathe better
tues (mar 24)- Madi developed a cough that was pretty bad and stuffy nose. Lily is still coughing and has a stuffy nose
wed(mar 25)- Madi gets a Dr. appt and they aren't able to hear air in one side of her lungs and send her to the hospital for a chest xray, blood work and a swab. The Dr. suspects either pneumonia, croup or whooping cough. The lab won't do the swab cause of a misprint by the Dr. so I took Madi to the ER cause I wanted it done. They isolated us, cause the thought it was whooping cough and did some more tests. They settled on croup and gave Madi a liquid steroid to help open her airways and help her breathe. When we arrived home, the Dr called to let us know that they had also found pneumonia in her lungs and wanted her on an antibiotic as well. David picked up the antiobiotic and we tried to give it to her that very night. She ended up throwing it right back up. It was a really large dose and the medicine looks/smells/tastes like Elmer's glue. We finally got it into her, but it was a really big struggle. Lily is starting to get over her cold at this point but Anne is coughing and sneezing and stuffed up.
thurs(mar 26)-fought with Madi over her medicine. She is running a fever of 101 and we can't seem to get it lower than that. The problem with fevers for Madi is that she hallucinates when she has a fever and it is very scary for her. She has such big coughing fits that she throws up a couple of times and has not appetite and no energy.
fri(mar 27)- called the Dr. to see Madi again and possibly switch her medicine because it is such a fight and she has thrown up from it 3 times now. The Dr. listens to her and says that she can hear improvement but wants her to take some codeine to help with the coughing and not change the antibiotic cause it is the best for dealing with pneumonia. Madi sleeps for about 4 hrs at a time at night but then wakes up coughing and needing some medicine to ease the coughing fits
sat( mar 28)- Lily seems to be almost over her cold. Anne is still coughing lots and not sleeping well. With her being pregnant she is not able to take anything and sleep is the best but with a little girl that needs her mama at night that isn't always possible.
sun (mar29)-David heads back to work. Its a long day but we can finally see light at the end of the tunnel.

As you think of us, continue to pray for us! It has been a long week and we aren't quite out of the woods yet.

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Anonymous said...

I wish so much I was there to help! But we are praying and that is the biggest help there is.
Hugs and Kisses to all Love Grandma