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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

My child the artist.....

I know that I am probably a bit biased but come on ....isn't Madison talented!!! She got the MagnaDoodle from Aunt Becky and Uncle Sam for her birthday and LOVES it!!! She will spend literally hours a day doodling on it. Her latest feat is taking a DVD cover ( usually Veggietales ) and holding it in one hand ( sorry Mama Eby...looks like she is right handed!) while "drawing" what she sees in the other. It might look like doodles to you but in the middle is a "Larry the cucumber" with eyes and everything and she also drew "Bob the tomato"....what a talent!

While David was in Eureka ( more to come on that!) I got a few things to help keep Madi entertained, since in the bitter cold its not the easiest to take 2 children out! I picked up some finger paints and a really big pad of paper!! She had so much fun
Very first finger painting attempt. She was a little unsure but then she got into making the hand prints!!

She loves coloring of any kind and the more colors on a page the better!!! She usually wants one of us to color the other page and she will stop and look over at our page and say things like
"oohhh...mama..that gorgeous"
"OOhhh... thats amazing"
" Good job daddy"
"That delicious" (not sure about this.. i think she likes the way it sounds!)
All in all she is a talented little artist!

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Sarah, Chris 'n Ryan said...

I am very impressed with how the colours blend together - she covers the whole page! Much different from Ryan's style of colouring - I'll have to take a photo for you!
I love the magnadoodle too - I can totally see Larry and Bob!