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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Some Perspective

Today was a hard day.... let me just say this... it took us an hour to eat breakfast cause of about 5 trips to the time out corner. I was seriously tempted to have David call in sick and stay home and help me with my girls!!! But then I read this, a letter written by someone I don't even know to her daughter, who she only got to spend 2. 5 hours with before Jesus took her home. What an amazing women this mother is and as I watch my eldest daughter slowly learn to spread her wings and become independent I will think back on this little girl and thank Jesus for every precious minute I have with my girls... even if they are minutes where I am pulling out my hair and counting down the minutes till bedtime.

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Koala Bear said...

I just read that letter and wow, it brought tears to my eyes. What an amazing family they are. Thanks for reminding us to cherish every precious minute we have with our kids.