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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Madi on the phone!

I am not sure what it is about kids and things like remotes and telephones. But they are drawn to each other. There have been numerous times when the TV will be off and then all of a sudden it is on and getting really really loud.... and lo and behold.. Madi has discovered the remote... AGAIN!!! So this Christmas both Grandma and Auntie Lou bought our little monkey telephones!! She loves them! This one is from Grandma and is the old school fisher price phone. I am sure you all had one or your kids did or the church nursery did!!! The eyes move when you drag it along the floor and it rings when you spin the yellow knob.
As you can see by the face.. she loves it!
Here is Madi all ready for bed but not before she makes one last call... !!!!
I love that she holds it on her shoulder and puts her head down to it!! ... What a cutie! She has started talking to it to... and then holding it out to me! Posted by Picasa

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