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Sunday, December 31, 2006

More Christmas morning pics!

"Check it out Mama.... I think its for me" Papa bought this special present for Madi....
"Ummmm... Papa... what is this??....." Sometimes you catch the best expressions on your kids faces... and don't worry Dad.. she loves the stuffed animal.. she sleeps with it at night!!!
Madison got a bunch of books for Christmas which she loves. Normally I let her go at it when it comes to books but she got a couple of really nice books that I wanted to keep. She loves flipping through the pages of her cardboard books.. sometimes we catch her running her finger along the words and mumbling to herself!... a little reader!
Nana bought Madi a book of puzzles ( I will not be popping them out for quite some time though Mom!!) all about airplanes. Its really cute. I point to it and then the airplanes we can see out the window. It even has an airplane that looks like the ones that David works on so that is neat! Posted by Picasa

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