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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Madison opening presents!

Here are some random pictures of Madison's opening her Christmas presents. These are after her morning nap so she is a little more with it and actually tried to tear into some of the gifts. If they were packaged in bags it was such easier for her!!! I would start the present by tearing the corner and then she would rip and rip. I am sure that she thought the paper was the gift.. but then.... oh boy a real gift inside!!! Here she is opening the train set we got for her! She loves it.. it sings songs and moves along the floor... she loves it and we love that there is an OFF switch!!! ( notice the busy balls in the shot!... i told you she loved them ( see previous post!) ... went with her everywhere that day!)
There are animals that ride in the train and make noises too... its was too cute to pass up!
One hand on the new toy... one hand opening the present!! Maybe she thought if she opened the new one she would lose the old one??? !!!!
What could it be??? Something good from Korea!!! ( See previous post for pictures of Madi wearing the Korea present!) Posted by Picasa

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