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Monday, December 04, 2006

Madi and Santa

David's work throws a christmas party for the employees children every year and this year we got to bring Madison. It was a fun time for her. She got to meet Santa and also got a really neat gift! I think she is trying to figure out if the beard is real or not.. or else she is thinking.. "just give me my present Santa" I can't believe she didn't cry. I think Madi and one other little kid where the only ones who didn't cry!! I was proud of her!
I started to rip open the gift for her but instead of ripping more she tried to put the paper back together. It was really cute! I think Christmas morning is going to take hours and hours at our house. She is going to love the paper more than what is inside!
David and I couldn't believe the presents that they got for all the kids. Madison got a Leap Frog toy that has buttons on its tummy and arm and legs and play music and lights up and talks to her. She loves it! Its almost as big as she is! Posted by Picasa

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Koala Bear said...

Way to go Madi for not crying at Santa :) That is one cool toy that he brought her!