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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Aunt Becky, Aunt Laura and Nana came to visit

I have been horrible at blogging lately... sorry... but I am going to pull the pregnancy card on that one!! I only have a couple more days left to use that so I am going to!!! But I have been busy and tired and my blog has suffered. This past August we had Aunt Laura, Aunt Becky and Nana drive up from BC to visit for a week. It was so great to see them all. Aunt Becky has been in S.Korea for the last year and hadn't seen Madison since she was 5 months old.. so she was quite surprised that now Madi was a little girl.. no longer a baby!! Madi had a great time being spoiled.. the best part was learning all about being girly. She still likes to stand in front of the mirror and "put on" makeup like Aunt "Wara" and Aunt "Bety"!!!! I decided to make collages of the tons of pictures that were taken the week they were here! If you click on them then they will get bigger and you can see more detail!
Madison loves the park. We went to the park everyday and Madi loved having 3 extra playmates to play with!
Aunt Becky and Aunt Laura had the coolest sunglasses!!!
Madi learned all sorts of new things.....bubbles, applying lipstick, chalk, new songs, lego, tea sets, pretty dressup shoes!

Lots of opportunities for pictures together!
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