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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fun at the park

The first trip back to the park after everyone had left wasn't near as much fun.. but it was still the park and Madi had a good time playing with Daddy.. while Mama took pictures!
Oh.. and yes..this is the beginning of Sept and Madi did need a hat.. she should have had gloves but I couldn't find them... what kind of mother am I .. I know!
Walking up the stairs all by herself. This park is the perfect size to learn how to climb stairs by herself. The railings are the perfect height and we were shocked at how quickly she picked it up!!! She is a quick learner!
We found a hand that actually fit our Madi's!!

Explaining something important to Daddy... i love this picture cause Madi squats like this all the time to read or play.. and I always wondered where she got it from.. now i know!!
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