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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Madi's second birthday

I know that I am so far behind on blogging but we are at my parents house and its been a bit crazy here. Mom was in the hospital for 4 days with a really bad back ( still a long recovery but at least she is home) my siblings were all home and our computer can't connect to my parents internet.... so all that makes for a long break between blogs.... I need to upload my pics from christmas but for now you will have to enjoy some pictures from Madi's second birthday. She is really into Thomas the train right now so I made her a fun cake and we watched a Thomas movie and she got a Thomas train track... she loves it... and so does her Daddy...not sure who loves it more!!

I promise to write more later!

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Koala Bear said...

Happy 2nd birthday, Madi!
She is growing up so fast! And little Lily must be growing like a weed too, looking forward to seeing new pics when you get the chance, since we won't be seeing you till middle of Feb! Hope you're having a great time.