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Friday, December 07, 2007


This christmas season has been SO much fun... Madison is really excited about everything Christmas and I love that!! We took her to Canadian Tire just after the had set out a bunch of their christmas stuff and she saw one of those blowup plastic things that people put out on their front yards. This one was of a train and she loved it.. we stood infront of that train for almost 15 mins. Now everytime we even just drive by the entrance to CT she says.. "hi train, Mani see train please"... it is adorable.

Her newest passion is snowmen. The family across the hallway have a snowman that is on their doorknob. Everytime she sees it she runs up to it and says "hi snowman" and then "bye snowman.. see ya in the mornin"... it is adorable. She told me the other day that the snowman has "tarrot nose, hat on head, and buttons on the tummy..."... boy is she going to be excited when she makes a real one at Nana's and Papa's!!!

We have taken her out to look at lights too... another big hit with her! She eagerly exclaims at each overly decorated house... "oh wow.. lights pretty.... Mani see more lights now"...

It is so much fun to share this time of year with her and see it all through her eyes!

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Anonymous said...

I love the snowman pic! But I really love and miss little Mani and Lily! I miss "Please Pata read, no Mani read " And the cuddles in bed in the morning!
Hope you are all having lots of fun!
Love Pata