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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

3 weeks....ALREADY

Wow.. 3 weeks have just flown by... in some ways it feels like Lily just arrived and we are still getting in a routine and finding things out about each other but then on the other hand.. it feels like she has been here forever!

Lily is a very calm, laid back baby. We thought when we had Madison that she was calm and laid back... well.. Lily is even more so!!! We are still sort of figuring out the whole formula thing. We had switched her to the brand we used with Madison but that seemed to really upset her stomach ( for those of you who are probably wondering.. yes we are formula feeding.. i don't seem to get any milk when I am pregnant so we decided with this baby we would automatically start of formula) and we decided to switch her back to that formula she was on at the hospital and that seems to be working.

She takes a bit longer than Madi did to eat.. so we spend a lot of time talking to her "Lily.. wake up and eat your food.. come on Lily Bean ( for some reason that is the nickname that has stuck.. not sure where it came from or why....but.. thats it... Madi calls her Nino Bean ... adorable) but other than that she is doing good.

She gets up about 2 times during the night.. sometimes it feels like that is so much and she should be sleeping through.. but then I have to remember that she is only 3 weeks old!!

David is back to work now. He took off 4 days ( but because of his schedule was actually off for 12) so that was great... he has been a big help. I usually do the night feedings but then he gets up with Madi and Lily and watches them in the morning so that I can sleep for another hour or so.. It is a good routine that works for us!
Me and my girls... I love being able to say that... "my girls". I would have loved to have a boy... and some day we hope to have a son.. but I am loving be a mother to 2 beautiful girls. I am so close to my sisters ( they are my best friends.... Lilys middle names are actually their middle names... Christine (laura's middle name) Joy ( becky's middle name) ... and I am glad that we got to name our precious Lily after them) I am so happy that Madison will have a sister and can only hope and pray that someday my girls will be as close with each other as I am with my sisters!
Madison LOVES her little sister. She is so gentle with her. We tried as best as we could to prepare her for what was going to be coming home! Sarah ( david's sister) got us this really good book ( and if you are pregnant I fully suggest it) from over in Scotland. Its called "There's a house inside my mummy". And it talks about how there is a "house" inside the little boys mummy and how is excited to show it everything when it comes. It is really straight forward and easy to understand. Madison loved it.

I was not naive.... I figured that we would have to deal with some temper issues, seperation issue, and that Madi might hate Lily and try to hurt her but we have been so suprised at how great she is. The very first day in the hospital Madi marched in and said "Mani ( her name for herself) hold baby Lily ( comes out ily ) now".. and ever since then she has been great. Oh sure..we have had some fits .. but they are mostly because of her wanting to exercise her independence and ability to do things herself and not wanting us to help her. She is a very independent child and we are trying to encourage that...but lets face it.. there are some things a 2 year old just can't do and its trying to explain that to her that results in some tears! But on the whole... couldn't have asked for a better adjustment.

So thats it... a sort of 3 weeks in a nutshell... things are great. We are gearing up to head to BC ( YEAH!! ) in 2.5 weeks and will be there till the beginning of Feb. ( David is taking a course in Toronto and I am staying with my parents till he comes back and gets us and then we will start the drive back) So if in 2.5 weeks you could say a little prayer for good weather, clear roads and happy children... that would be great! We are so looking forward to seeing my family and introducing our newest angel to them and celebrating christmas with them!!

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Koala Bear said...

Yay for the update, I kept checking! :) Glad to hear everyone is doing so well and Madi is adjusting well to being a big sister. Love the pics, especially like the last one of Madi and Lily!