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Friday, November 09, 2007

Birth story.......

Everyone always wants to know the details of a birth so I thought I would write them out here and then you can decide if you want to read it or skip it... remember... birth can be gorey!!!

On monday (nov 5) I had a dr. appointment and it was decided then that on friday or sunday I would be induced. I had to go on wed. to have the baby monitered ( normal when you are overdue) and they would tell me then.

Tuesday morning I woke up about 5 am with some pain ( not really bad but annoying when laying down ) so I got up and watched every news channel in Canada.. followed the news across the country as each province woke up!!! We decided that we would bundle up and go for a walk and try to get something started... so we all headed outside. Madison walked the whole way herself (we did about a km) and I was having maybe 1 contraction every 1.5 hrs.. ( nothing to write home about) They completely went away in the afternoon and by supper I was thinking that me going into labor myself was looking less and less likely!!!

I went to bed at 9 that night and just before 11 I woke up with some cramping. I decided to get up and stand thinking that maybe gravity would help something happen. David wrote down the contractions from that point.. He looked at me and said.. "maybe we should write these down..." ( of course I didn't think anything would happen but thought "hey...why not!")





11:45( at this point David politely asked me when I thought it would be a good idea to head to the hospital!.... i said a few more minutes!)




I decided that since in one hour it had gone from 10 min -5 min it was probably a good time to head out!!

We arrived at the hospital at 12:30 and waited for a few mins for the nurse to come in and set me up on the moniter to see what was happening... the babys heartbeat was good but the contractions weren't really showing up as bad on their monitor. She kept me on the moniter for about 20 mins and then at about 12:55 she checked me and found out that I was only 2cm dilated.... ( I had been 2cm dilated on monday at my dr. appointment...so I was pretty disappointed!)..

She wanted to hook me back up the moniter for a few more mins to keep an eye of baby cause it seemed like it was sleeping and she wanted to see some activity. So back onto the bed I went for another 15 mins or so. The contractions were coming stronger and closer together now ( about 2 mins apart ) The nurse came back in a looked at the screen and mentioned that the contractions weren't even really being picked up by the machine so they couldn't be that strong ( what a kicker.. I thought then that for sure we would be sent home!)

She came back in a said that since I needed to be on antibiotics ( I had tested postive for Strep B) that they would admit me and start the antibiotics and hopefully things would start to get moving! At 1:20 we walked into the delivery room and I stood and rocked while she asked me questions and had me sign admittance papers. At around 1:35 I started throwing up ( weirdest feeling ever.... having contractions and throwing up at the same time... David said it was humorous to have to follow me around the room with a barf bucket...!!! ) The nurse said (very strongly) that it was time to sit down and have her put the IV in cause things were starting to move quickly.

I sat on the bed and she started to wipe my hand down and look for a good vein for the IV but then all of a sudden I had a big contraction and my water broke and I had to push ( the same thing happened with Madi!). This was around 1:43ish. The nurse that was attending to us had never delivered a baby herself (she had been present but had never been the head one delivering) So she got David to push the "alarm" button and the head nurse came running in while one of the other nurses started to call the dr.
( In Yellowknife, the Dr. that are on call at night can go home and are called back when needed. You can get anywhere in this town in like 1o mins)
They helped get my feet up and right away I started pushing. About 6 pushes later at 1:48 our little Lily was born! All 6lbs 12oz of her!! She is so much littler than Madison ( 9lbs!)

Everytime I think back over the night I remember new things... but the best feeling was having her come right up onto me after she was born. Madison needed to go on some oxygen when she was born so I missed out on that with her. It was so cool... she was and is so little... I remember asking what it was and David answered right away "Its a girl". He had seen that as she came out. The nurses had to check and make sure but he was right!

About 5 mins later in walked the Dr!! She said things looked good.. they had to give me some meds to stop the bleeding. I had hemorraged with Madison and again with Lily but they got everything under control.

The nurse that was in with us since the beginning was so excited that she had gotten to deliver her first baby! The head nurse was with her but she pretty much let our nurse take the reigns. It is so neat that our Lily bean was her first... she will always remember our birth!!

So thats it.. my birth story of my second baby girl.... in all its glory!!!

Thankyou Jesus for a healthy baby and safe and speedy delivery!


Koala Bear said...

What an amazing birth story! You sure went fast once the time came, wow I can't believe the doctor didn't even make it, that is an interesting story you will have for Lily one day!

Anonymous said...

I love birth stories and I am so glad that your beautiful girl is out safe and sound. Keep the pictures coming, I love seeing and hearing all the updates!
Love Erin (for Jason and Baby Stewart)

Anonymous said...

Wow...these stories keep getting better and better with shorter and shorter deliveries. "Next" time you better just live at the hospital. Or David, you should take a crash coarse on delivery!!! So glad that our little Lily is here safe and sound. What a sweetheart. And big sister Madi looks sooooo proud!
love you guys

Loo said...

seriously good birth story. i mean i know you already told it to me, but good to get it written down so you remember ya know. i totally choked up at the end too!!! cute cute cute!
love you

Colleen said...

I'm so very glad you got to hold her right aways, so precious. And how cool that David was the one to say it first - It's a girl.