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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was a lot of fun. We got up around 8 and Madi rushed out to see if Santa had eaten his cookies and left a note. We opened presents slowly, put the turkey in , played with the toys and then all went to bed early cause we were off to BC the next morning really early!!

Reading her note from Santa

Opening presents.......

New Dora socks.....woohoo!!!

Lily opening her gifts..

Madi opening her Rose Petal Cottage. She loves it so much, always wants us to come and "visit"...

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Anonymous said...

Anne I love the blog site - looks cool! Is that a recent pic of you - did you get your hair cut in Revelstoke? Looks great! Glad you are back on the blog! Love you guys and miss you lots Love Grandma