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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lily's christmas....

Lily opening her present from her aunties/uncles. It is a boat with all these animals in it. It sings and makes noises when she pushes it. She loves it!
(although you wouldn't think so from her face!)

Checking out her boat. Whenever she is scared or shy about a situation she will look this way. She won't make eye contact with the new person and just look really scared.. what a silly goose!

She was so mad that I wouldn't pick her up. She needed to get used to all the people. And it was almost her bedtime! Look at that face!

"Seriously Mom, please pick me up"

Lily TOTALLY attached herself to Andrew this christmas. She was happiest when she was near him. As you can see here, she is over being grumpy!

Playing "Peek a boo" with Andrew. You can see his arm in the shot. He would cover his head up and she would zoom across the floor and pull it off his head and just laugh and laugh!

Playing with her best bud!

She even figured since he was her buddy that he should let her open his presents for him!!

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