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Monday, December 15, 2008

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I wish that I could send all you blog readers a Christmas card but instead I figured I would blog a copy of the picture we used for our Christmas card. Aren't my girls so cute!! And next year we will have another little cutie to add to our Christmas card picture! That's right... we are having another baby!! Merry Christmas to you all! We are super excited and looking forward to adding to our family. Anne is due in the middle of July.... it will be fun to have a baby not during the winter months and when its light all the time, instead of dark all the time!!! It will certainly be different! We hope you all have a super holiday with your friends and family! We are headed to B.C to visit with the Eby side (Anne's) of the family on Dec. 26 and are really looking forward to that. Its been almost a year since the Aunties and Uncles have seen the girls! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL!
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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the great news! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas with your family and joy, energy and health for 2009!

Gloria Storey

Schievink said...

Hi David and Anne, Congrats on the big news - that will be a lot of fun and oh so busy!!! 3 kids under 4 years olf - wow!!! Hoope you are feeling well, enjoy your Christmas! Chris and Sanneke

The Honeyfords said...

Congratulations, David and Anne! We heard the news from Grandma (who was very happy to share it!). I wish we could add a stop on our Christmas road trip to see you. We hope you have a blessed Christmas, a wonderful time with your family, Anne, and safe travels.
btw, the blog is incredible.It's always fun to visit and catch up!
Love, Michelle, Jim, Ben & Kate

Kori said...

Merry Christmas!